Sunday, November 2, 2008

Weekend Update

I mostly plan to keep my weekends personal and not bore you with the details of tuxedo shopping, excessive wine drinking and Sunday sauce.  However, it's inevitable that some of the cool/interesting/uncheap things I will do will occur during those formerly beloved 48 hours since those are the only two days of the  week that most of my partners-in-crime are available to get in trouble.  

This past weekend's plan included the much-hyped Haloween party of the year, Abracadabra Ep 5 by the Pants Party.  Now given my current state of employment, or non-employment, I should've probably thrown on something skanky, hopped on the subway and headed downtown to watch the annual NYC Haloween parade...for free.  But I'm still in the adjustment period and that's just not my style so, instead, I grabbed T (my fiance)  shopped for some Awesome 80's Jazzercise outfits and bought tickets to an $85/head party being held at a loft in Tribeca.  That's why they invented AmEx isn't it?

After taking a $20 cab ride to Brooklyn for a few glasses of wine with friends, we headed back into the city, dressed to the nines (or the 1 and 2 and 3 and 4s) to 265 Greenwich street.  The fact that we had to ring a bell made me think that our 170 bones were well-spent.  I was greeted with an empty room, a looooong bathroom line and a very large man (who turned out to be one of the highlights of my night) checking to make sure I had pre-paid.  My spirits weren't broken by this first impression because I heard the loud music and crowd in the next room and knew that this is where I would spot that cool-downtown-julia stiles/jake gylenhall-ish-nyc-celeb that I was under the assumption roamed this circle.  Instead, when I walked through the door, I was greeted with a folding table and paper tablecloth masquerading as a bar and the biggest bunch of D-bags I've seen all year.  Even Ben, the evil doorman at One Oak, is cooler than these fools.  

I'd like to recount all the dancing I did and some of the intersting people met, but I honestly spent most of my night standing in line for either the bar or the bathroom, neither of which panned out too well for me.  The line for the bar ended with a too strong drink made with cheap vodka and the line for the bathroom ended with me telling off some D-bag who tried to cut in front of me.  The saving grace of the night was the people I attended the party with.  It's a good thing that my friends, and my friends' friends, are fun as hell, because if they weren't I'd have nothing to show for my 85 bucks.  But luckily I ended up with some great pictures and a few moments I will treasure forever (or until the next time I get drunk) and those include:
  1. Jumping on the extra large doorman's back for a picture, only to have to stay up there with my legs wrapped under his sweaty pits, for five minutes while my friend deleted some photos from her memory card to make room for this must-have snapshot.
  2. Repeatedly calling some dude a douche because he cut me in line for the bathroom with no reprecussion except him cutting the person behind me instead.
  3. Watching T steal a giant box of Haloween candy and then give it out to the tired revelers sitting in traffic at the Holland Tunnel just like a modern day Robin Hood (in booty shorts and a cut-off sweatshirt.)
Even though the party was a bust and a waste of dough I did learn one important lesson.  As long as I surround myself with fun people and lots of booze, any party can be a good time.  I guess I'm on my way to saving lots of money.


Schmoilito said...

it is also important to point out that lots of booze, even when consumed alone, can facilitate finding a good party, or creating one yourself.

BurnTees said...

well said schmoilito!

Noelle said...

i wish i could post some pics so your readers could have a clear visual of your (our) antics. and you are right...even though the party & d-bags et al. were beyond lame and i had a hangover that lasted 2.5 days from the vodka in plastic handles...xloud hiphop+borderline inebriation with our friends (and our newest choice bestties for the night)=we become the party.

ps. i love your blog